Friday, May 11, 2012

Sprite Biscuits?

So, I saw this recipe on the side of my FB page.  Once in awhile they look yummy, so I print them out and try them later.  We made these awhile ago, but I am just getting to posting now.  We were having soup for dinner and wanted something new to try, so we said, why not?  The recipe was for 7-Up Biscuits, but we only had one can of Sprite in our fridge.  So, we made Sprite Biscuits.

There are only 4 ingredients.  Oh, yummy ingredients.

Start with 2 cute kids, ingredients and the recipe.

Bisquick?  Check!

Sour Cream? Check!

She takes her time.

He got a turn too.

Sprite?  Check!

Ohh, leftovers!

My turn!



Add butter (or not) and YUM!

Add soup!  Okay, as you can see the biscuit barely made the picture by the time I pored a bowl of soup.
Yummy dinner.

I love it when my kiddo's help by making dinner.

Here is the recipe:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gifts.

It has been awhile, my apologies.  I have many things I want to post, none will be in order I am sure.  I have been rearranging my house this past week.  We are moving our 'office' to the dining room that was never used and our office is now a hobby room.  (I call it a craft room, but my husband and I still share it.)  Pretty excited about it.  I got a desk for Mother's Day.  I will post pictures once I get it all put together.  :)

For now, I have been on a deadline to get Teacher Appreciation gifts organized.  I had the idea of a gift card tree (the kind you find at Christmas).  Well turns out, you can't find them, unless they are super expensive.  So, I got other ideas, looked on pinterest, returned all of the stuff from my other idea and went with something 'easier'.

So, I sent out a note to parents, they all donated gift cards, I then pulled out my handy dandy Cricut.  I used 4 different carts (oops, sorry didn't write the down, and don't remember), and I made flowers and one butterfly.  The gift cards then started flowing in and I realized that Starbucks has an ugly color brown.  So, I colored it up a bit by using a flower punch and some brads.  

And, here they are!  I have no idea where on pinterest where I saw this.  I think I pulled it from a combo of two or three ideas out there.   This is not my own idea, FYI.  There is my disclaimer.  

I am pleased!  I think they are cute and absolutely filled with generous gifts our wonderful teachers so greatly deserve!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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