Sunday, June 24, 2012

St. Patrick's Day (I know right - it's June!)

I have been meaning to put this fun little adventure up since March.  (Before Lily's Birthday.)  Oh, well, I am really early for giving ideas for March 2013.  Right?

St. Patrick's Day Eggstravaganza!

We knew we were not going to be home for Easter, so we decided to color eggs early this year and why not for St. Patrick's Day?  I wanted to try out something new for these eggs.  A friend showed me something her Mom or Grandma did (I can't remember who) then I went home and looked up making homemade dyes on line.  And found these Natural Dyes.  Cute huh?  I think we had more fun going on an adventure looking for flowers and leaves to decorate the eggs with than any of it.  But this is what we came up with.

Then we made homemade veggie pancakes!  Oh, yum.  I saw this recipe and fiddled with it to make my own.  I like to add more whites and take out some yolks, (but to still use some) to cut down on the fat/calories/cholesterol.  They were fun to make and I love making them on the griddle just like you would regular breakfast pancakes.

  Yummy.  I was hoping they'd be green, but they were really kinda pink because of the carrots.

Then I found this recipe for GREEN MUFFINS!  Oh yeah!  They were pretty yummy.  I got way more muffins out of the recipe than she called for.  (Remember - I am about less calories - so smaller is better!)



I wanted to add a bit more protein and make it Vegetarian, so I added a veggie sausage and tada a very GREEN St. Patrick's Day Eggstravaganza.  

I Think Lily wanted her picture taken before the sausage was even done.  
Oh, and they insisted on PURPLE milk.  Because, you know Leprechauns like purple milk. (??)

The complete meal.

We had muffins for dessert.  (I think they were still in the oven.)

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