Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  We have so much that goes on on Tuesday's and my hubby usually works late on Tuesday's so we decided to make tonight the night we have a lovely Valentine's Dinner (with the kids of course.)  I just spent hours making the salad and the main course and I had raspberries and these little tartlettes in the  pantry.

I read the instructions on the box and was like, I don't have any of this stuff.  Then my friend Holly came over and said, hey do this... I did!

First I melted white chocolate to coat the bottom of the tartlettes.

I got a little help.

Then my friend Holly said, 'hey, you can make your own lemon curd.'  I had never seen it in a store let alone thought of making it myself.  So, she said,' here, try this one and you can even make it in the microwave!'  So, I did.  Thank you Holly! 

It is just seriously cool that I made this and now have it in my fridge for future use. 

Then I filled the little tartlettes up with the lemon curd and my helper put the raspberries in.  She kinda pushed them a bit harder than necessary, but hey, what can I say, she isn't even 4 yet.

Then, I did another thing I have never done before.  I melted a little bit of jam. 

Coated the raspberries with it.  

Then I was done.

So, this...

Turned into this...

Cute right?

I can't wait to taste them.  I imagine they are pretty yummy.

Now, off to get dinner set up and waiting for my dearest husband, best friend and most awesome Daddy to our children.

Oh, speaking of children, while Lily and I were making these lovely tartlettes,
 Noah was doing this...

This is a rare sight, this little man is usually all over the place like a crazy dude.  
Looks like he needed a snooze.


  1. Such cute and simple little tartlets! ^^

    1. Thank you. Simple and sweet, I might have to make one just for me. It is cool that you can make a dozen or just one!

  2. Yay! Super cute! I can't believe you never had lemon curd before, lady! It's the best thing to do with lemons hands down! =) I like that the ones with three raspberries look a little like hearts. =)

    1. I have gradually started liking new foods, like lemons and raspberries. So, it is just a sign of me and my food choices maturing. Thank you!


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