Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cards - the beginning...

I figured since I'm just starting this Blog, I can show things I have already done.  I REALLY hope to be able to make cards every week or so, and have something new to show.  I love to make cards, but they usually go on the back burner if something else comes up, like a holiday and I just HAVE to make a craft for the kids, or if I actually get around to my regular family scrapbook pages.  Right now, I am way behind on my scrapbook pages for my family.  I haven't scrapped since October, so I am a few months behind.  Once I get back on track, I hope to make a ton of cards.  I'd really like to mass produce cards, like maybe 5 at a time, that are similar but vary a little and put them in a file to have on hand to give when needed, like Birthday's or Thank You's.

So, here are a few cards I have made.  I pretty much just started last year, exploring the making of cards.  I use my Cricut and Michael's paper for most of the cards.I didn't write any of the sizes down at this point and it is only a photo of the cards I have made.  I look forward to being able to provide more information to you as I progress in the making of my cards.  :)

This first card was a card telling our parents we were having another baby.  I now would never have the outside of the card look so plain.  I also think that carriage was a sticker.  (This is BC - Before Cricut.)

This was the inside of the card.

This next one I used the Lollipop alphabet die for the Sizzix to make the letters.  This was a Thank you for my son's teachers at the end of the year.

Love this Film Strip Die from Sizzix.  

The rest of these cards are in no order, I barely remember the order in which they were made.

I made this card using the Birthday Bash Cart.

I used Sweet Treats for this one.

This was my first Pop-up card I made, using the Every Day Pop-Up.

A card for a Baby Shower.

A Baby Shower invitation.  
I used the Sizzix Mac & Cheese Font for the name and Round-a-bout for the title.  

My second Pop-up card.  I am hoping to get better over time.

My daughter wanted to have a 'baby' party.  It wasn't her Birthday or anything, she just wanted to have a party for her baby.  So, I threw one.  We invited 3 little girls over, had lunch and cupcakes and they sat with their babies.  It was very cute.  Here is the invitation.

I used the Once Upon a Princess Cart for this cupcake.  Then I used the Girls are Weird alphabet die from the Sizzix for the letters.  

  I used the Baby Steps Cart.
This was the same party that my friend brought me the gift of Bakerella's Cake Pop Book.

These next 3 cards are only partial cards, either the inside or the outside of the card.  When I first started making cards I would put something on 3 surfaces of the card and then just a stamp on the back.  Now, I am trying to just do more with the front side of the card and not fill every surface of the cards.

I used 3 Birds on Parade for this one.  That cart is so stinking cute.

This is from Freshly Picked

There you go my friends.  The start of my cards.  Like I said, I really hope to get a move on these and make more cards and share them with you.  If you have a favorite blog, let me know.  I love to learn and see everybody's ideas out there.  

Have a lovely and creative day!


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