Sunday, January 29, 2012

Space Rocket Birthday Party

For my son's 5th Birthday he wanted a Space Rocket Party.  I just got online and started clicking away.  Turns out, I think there is a blog or an idea for just about every kind of party one could dream of.  That-is-COOL!  I love it.  So, I found a bunch of different ideas that I loved and I used some from a few different sites.  I also used my Cricut Space Party Cartridge!  It is incredibly cool.  Here is the invitation.

It was pretty cool how the flame pulls out to read the invitation.  They were surprisingly easy. I used blue, black and yellow cardstock some velum for the window and gems for the lights. Little bit of glitter glue and there you have it.  Easy Peasy & Cute.

I then found this gal and made Jet Packs.  They are time consuming to make (I made 20 of them).  The kids helped with the packing peanuts and that was fun for them. We got ALL of the bottles and packing peanuts for FREE using Freecycle.  If you don't already freecycle, find out if you have one available in your towns or nearby towns, I think it is a great way to keep stuff out of the landfills and clean out your house, or even to find 40 empty soda bottles without having to drink a drop.   One of the things I did wrong was fill the Jet Packs too full.  I liked the original one I saw better, that way when the kids would jump up and down or run around they'd make noise.  These were still a big hit and I know a couple of the kids that still have theirs and it is 3 months later.

FOOD!  I used a couple of sites for the food ideas.  We used UFO Bagels and Saturn Pizza's and the Cheetos ideas from the interweb, the rest Monte and I just came up with names for food we wanted to serve.  I love labels, so we of course had to come up with clever names for things.

You have got to LOVE Dry Ice - right?  It was a huge hit.  We used V8 Fusion juice for the Rocket Fuel.  

Let the Games Begin!!

We played Pin the Alien on the Moon.  I made the Aliens with my Cricut Space Party Cartridge and Monte got an image of the moon on line and used his Large Format Printer to get a big Moon.  

I made the Banner too using my Cricut.  I can't find out which one I used for the life of me, once I do, I shall update it.  

Then my incredibly AWESOME and BRILLIANT hubby found a Rocket Launcher that you can order, and make at home, then download prints to make homemade rockets.  Monte was so excited he nearly burst. So, not only did he make the Rocket Launcher, but he decided to make a rocket for each kid. (20)  He also had some 'practice rockets' that he 'practiced' with outside at night when the kids were in bed.  Let's just say this really made the party BLAST OFF.  It was a huge hit and some of the kids took their rockets home.  They flew everywhere!  In the road, down the street, in the neighbors yards.  We were finding the rockets for like a week.  

Then there was CAKE!
I was going to make a Space Shuttle Cake but, as the date of the party got closer, I ran out of steam.  So, I went with cupcakes instead.  I just got a white cake box and frosting, I added silver jimmies to the cake batter, with the hopes that they would look like little rocks inside (it was fine) and then sprinkled the silver sugar on top to make it look like gravel or space rocks.  Then, using Cricut Space Party Cartridge I made more space rockets and glued 1/2 of a skewer to them and jabbed them into the cupcake and called it done.  I also made the Alien Head Cake Pops, using my book from Bakerella.  The cake pops were lemon and I found the purple chocolate covered sesame seeds at Party City.  

So, the Aliens weren't as awesome as the ones in the book, but not bad for my second try at cake pops.

Then, it was time to leave.  I made homemade Moonsand.  I got the idea from another Rocket themed blog post, and used her link for making the moonsand.  I then used some cute 'to go' containers I had left over from a Baby Shower I co-threw.  Then I used the  Cricut Space Party Cartridge to make the UFO's and put them on the box.  I used a normal Circle Punch and a Thank you Stamp to finish the job. I also found Jet gummies at our local candy store and put them in little baggies for each kid.  

Noah's favorite color is purple, so that was the color of the moonsand.  Now, one thing I'd do differently is put a note in the bucket with the moonsand.  I'd say what it is and how to use it and how to preserve it.  I did not do that, I think it was something I wanted to do, but it just didn't happen.  Turns out, not everyone knows what it is and how to use it.

So, there you have it, the Space Rocket Themed Birthday Party.  Use all, use some, add to it, let me know how yours turns out!

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  1. You had so much awesome stuff for the kids! I know they all had a great time! =)


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