Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Happy 2012! So, I liked my first welcome 'So, I begin' post, so I have decided to keep it up. The day after I started this blog and wrote that post, my family was in a car accident. Everyone was fine, but me. The airbags deployed and it broke my right hand/wrist in 3 places as well as burned my left hand and bruised my left forearm up to my elbow. (Can we say OW?) I was pretty much unable to use either of my hands for about 2 weeks and my right one has taken quite some time to heal. So... I got help from some amazing friends with everything from writing and typing to making the wigs for the kids Halloween Costumes. I was taken care of, got invited to a friends for Thanksgiving, hired a young neighbor girl to do the prep for my Christmas baking and managed the every day tasks until I healed. Then we had a house full of that stomach flu (That one was nasty.) the week of Christmas! So here I am ready to start my blog! Finally!

So, here I start with what my hubby calls a 'core dump'. A very common occurrence from me. Ton's of info all at once and then I get all busy doing something else. I always have about a trillion irons in the fire, organizing, baking, party planning, cleaning, scrapping, or going on adventures. (The usual Mom stuff.) So, for those of you kind enough to visit, Thanks! I hope you get something useful from this blog and not just Whiplash.

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  1. Glad you're back! Can't wait to see what you've got cooking in that noggin, lady!


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