Saturday, January 21, 2012


I went to a friends house to keep an eye on her kiddos as she went to do an errand and she had a super cute snack prepared for her kids and mine.  Fruit Kabobs!  My kids loved it and wanted to do them at home.  You can do this yourself too.  It is a great way to have them prepare their own snack as well as give them something healthy to eat and it takes more than a minute to eat.  I find myself thinking, wow, it takes time to put snacks together (or crafts) and less than a few minutes for them to be inhaled (or made).  You can use just about any fruit with these guys.  My kids love Asian Pears so that was first on their list.  They can be different every time too, depending on what fruit is in your kitchen or what is seasonal.  My friend used 4 mini Marshmallows per kid at her house, I usually give them only 1 large Marshmallow (it is what we had) but this time I gave them 2.

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