Monday, January 23, 2012

Cake Pops - the beginning...


Ahhh, Cake Pops...
I was given this book from a friend that said she 'thought of me' when she saw it.  I was thinking, 'she must be crazy' but now I am in love!  So, I am forever grateful for my dear friend Kandice who feeds my addictions.

Our amazing and awesome and super cool feel at home church TerraNova had a VBS this past summer called A Jungle Adventure!  I was given the honor of helping out with the Crafts for the week and had a ton of super helpful co-leaders and helpers.  At the end of the week, I really wanted to do something special for them as a thank you.  Now, what better way to say Thank you than with a Cake Pop?  Right?

Me, being the person that I am, that loves themes instantly thinks of MONKEYS!  Now, I only had a couple of days to think of this and plan, so, I didn't have time to make my practice pops.  I just dove right in.  Honestly, I think everyone should start out with the basics, something simple, like a ball in a cup or just a ball on a stick.  But, I was pressed for time.  So, I just went for it.

Not bad for my first attempt.  I think these little guys turned out pretty darn cute.  Oh, Bakerella how I love you so!  I put them in little bags that I got from Michael's and followed along with the books instructions/guidelines/ideas.   I used a chocolate cake mix and chocolate frosting.  I couldn't find the mini black wafer sprinkles (it was summer - those come out in the Fall) so I had to make do with what I had.  The sugar looked better than me just drawing in the eyes, and I wanted it to look different from the nose.  So, that is what I came up with.  :)

My second attempt at cake pops was for my son's 5th Birthday party.  I made them for the grown-ups, but the kids went wild for them.  My son's party was a Space Rocket Theme.  (Stay tuned, I will have a party post soon.) So, I made Alien Heads!

Cute huh?  No where near as perfected as Bakerella.  I sure am in awe of her awesomeness.  But, still cute! I used a Lemon cake mix and Lemon frosting for the Aliens.

And there you have it, just the beginning of my cake pop experimenting!

My daughter informed me that she wants a Pink Monkey themed Birthday Party, with flowers.  Okay, oh, the options are endless.  Stay tuned.  (Her Birthday is at the end of March.)


  1. I love those little monkeys! And Mr 4 just said, "I wish I could have 'nudder one dem aliens! Dey were CAKE inside!" Heehee! They were yummy!

    1. I'll send you guys some Pink Monkeys when I make them for Lily's Birthday!


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