Sunday, March 11, 2012

Don't forget Crabby!

While I was at my kiddo's school, I was snapping some photos to put in the  School scrapbook.  One of the kids ran up to me and pleaded 'Noah's Mommy, you HAVE to take a picture of Crabby!  He is new and in our class and he's a crab!'  So, I did.  Then I figured, why not make him a page.  Noah has done a great job keeping it a secret, he had to go to school for a day and not tell anyone we added a page just for Crabby.  

So, here is Crabby's page.  

I used Create a Critter for the crab and the font is from Baby Steps.
Then, good ole glitter glue.  
I love glitter, it is just such a happy little thing!

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